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Lina Deployment⚓︎

1 Lina Component Description⚓︎

1.1 Enviroment Requirement⚓︎

Name Lina Node
Version v3.10.5 16.5

1.2 Select Method of Deployment⚓︎

  • Download source code
  • Download code.tar.gz from project Github web site,extract the folder to obtain the files:
cd /opt
mkdir /opt/lina-v3.10.5
wget -O /opt/lina-v3.10.5.tar.gz
tar -xf lina-v3.10.5.tar.gz -C /opt/lina-v3.10.5 --strip-components 1
  • Install Node。
  • You can refer to the deployment documentation for Node.js from the official Node website, Based on the environment requirements, you can check Enviroment Requirment if it's installed using the command line:
cd /opt
tar -xf node-v16.5.0-linux-x64.tar.xz
mv node-v16.5.0-linux-x64 /usr/local/node
chown -R root:root /usr/local/node
export PATH=/usr/local/node/bin:$PATH
echo 'export PATH=/usr/local/node/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc

node -v

  • Install dependency
cd /opt/lina-v3.10.5
npm install -g yarn
yarn install
  • Update configuration file

sed -i "s@Version <strong>.*</strong>@Version <strong>v3.10.5</strong>@g" src/layout/components/Footer/index.vue
vi .env.development
# Global environment variables should not be modified arbitrarily
ENV = 'development'

# base api

# vue-cli uses the VUE_CLI_BABEL_TRANSPILE_MODULES environment variable,
# to control whether the babel-plugin-dynamic-import-node plugin is enabled.
# It only does one thing by converting all import() to require().
# This configuration can significantly increase the speed of hot updates,
# when you have a large number of pages.
# Detail:


# External auth
VUE_APP_LOGIN_PATH = '/core/auth/login/'
VUE_APP_LOGOUT_PATH = '/core/auth/logout/'

# Dev server for core proxy
VUE_APP_CORE_HOST = 'http://localhost:8080'  # Update with URL of the Core
VUE_APP_CORE_WS = 'ws://localhost:8070'
VUE_APP_ENV = 'development'

  • Start Lina。
yarn serve
  • Structure Lina
yarn build
cp -rf lina lina-v3.10.5
tar -czf lina-v3.10.5.tar.gz lina-v3.10.5

After the build is completed, it will be generated in the 'lina' directory

  • Download Release package and obtain the latest release Release copy from the Github website.
  • The edition is the snapshot of the latest stable code version
OS Arch Name
All All lina-v3.10.5.tar.gz
cd /opt
tar -xf lina-v3.10.5.tar.gz