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Connect to database with SSL⚓︎

1 Operation Procedure⚓︎

1.1 Prepare the CA file of database⚓︎

  • Prepare the CA file of database. Private key authentication is not supported currently.
mkdir -p /opt/jumpserver/config/certs
cp db_ca.pem /opt/jumpserver/config/certs/db_ca.pem
  • Test connecting to MySQL
# . /opt/jumpserver/config/config.txt
# mysql --ssl-ca=/opt/jumpserver/config/certs/db_ca.pem -h$DB_HOST -P$DB_PORT -U$DB_USER -p$DB_PASSWORD $DB_NAME

1.2 Edit configuration file⚓︎

  • Open the configuration file
vi /opt/jumpserver/config/config.txt
  • Update configuration file for DB SSL

1.3 Restart JumpServer⚓︎

cd /opt/jumpserver-installer-v3.10.5
./ down
./ start

For JumpServer deployments using alternative methods, place the database certificate 'db_ca.pem' in '/opt/jumpserver/data/certs' and restart to complete the process.