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JumpSever terminal tool⚓︎

1 Terminal tool - jmsctl⚓︎

  • JumpServer build-in terminal command tool - 'jmsctl' in default,you can query corresponding help documents by command 'jmsctl help' .
JumpServer delplyment managment scripts

  ./ [COMMAND] [ARGS...]
  ./ --help

Installation Commands: 
  install           JumpServer installation 
  upgrade [version] JumpServer upgrade 
  check_update      JumpServer update checking 
  reconfig          JumpServer reconfiguration 

Management Commands: 
  start             JumpServer service start 
  stop              JumpServer service stop
  close             JumpServer service close
  restart           JumpServer service restart
  status            JumpServer service status checking
  down              JumpServer service offline
  uninstall         JumpServer uninstallation 

More Commands: 
  backup_db         JumpServer Database backup
  restore_db [file] JumpServer Database restore with backuped sql file