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note:The ticket is a feature of JumpServer enterprise edition.

1 Function Description⚓︎

  • Once users click on the application or apply for authorization, the corresponding approver will review and approve it. After approval, users will gain access to the requested assets or have their login requests and command filtering enabled.


2 My Applicatoin⚓︎

  • My application page is primarily used for applying for asset authorization and viewing details of asset authorization ticket.

2.1 Ticket apply⚓︎

  • Clicking on Ticket Apply at page of my application.
  • Clicking on Apply for Asset Authorization,then enter page of apply for asset authorization:


  • Detailed Parameter Description:
Parameter Description
Tittle Tittle of the Ticket
Organization ID The permissions requested by this Ticket and the organization of the JumpServer user
Node The JumpServer user applies for assets, where "node" refers to the permission of all assets under the node
Asset JumpServer applies for assets
Apply for Account The login account used by the JumpServer user to apply for assets
Operation Operation Permission of JumpServer user's application
Start date and expiration date. The duration for which the user's requested permissions

2.2 Review Ticket⚓︎

  • Clicking on Ticket Tittle, then enter page of ticket details.
  • The ticket details page includes basic information about the ticket, application details, and the approver. It also allows for communication with the approver.


2.3 Ticket Closed⚓︎

  • The applicant can close the ticket on their own before the approver reviews it. The close option is located at the bottom of the ticket details page.