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File Management⚓︎

1 Function Description⚓︎

  • File management is a method of transferring files, where the default upload and download directory for SFTP is set to /tmp.
  • The SFTP directory is bound to the asset platform; the default SFTP directory for the JumpServer platform cannot be modified (requires administrator for changing).

file_management04 file_management01

2 Instructions for page operations⚓︎

  • Clicking on the corresponding asset in the left-side node tree, you can access the SFTP directory within the asset.
  • When an asset has only one authorized account, clicking on the asset name will directly lead to the SFTP directory of the authorized user associated with that asset. However, when an asset has multiple authorized accounts, you need to select the corresponding account after clicking on the asset name to access the corresponding SFTP directory.


  • Upon entering the SFTP directory, you can perform operations on folders or files.
  • There are two supported methods for operations. The first method is to right-click on the right-side of the page to bring up the operation menu. The second method is to use the buttons in the black section at the top for corresponding operations.