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Telnet Requirements⚓︎


  • When JumpServer establishes a connection with assets via the Telnet protocol, it cannot confirm if the characters returned by the server indicate a successful connection. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a regular expression to confirm the successful connection.
  • You need to go to Platform List- Create - Configure, select the Telnet protocol, click on the gear icon on the right, and then add the success response code in the Platform Protocol Configuration: Telnet.

Access telnet device by telnet command successfully

  • Example:

Login authentication  
login: admin  
password: *********  
Info: The max number or VTY users is 10, and the number  
      of current VTY users on line is 1.  
<RA-L7-RD> system-view

  • Update <RA-L7-RD> to the Web "System setting"-"Terminal setting"-"Telnet successfu regular expression "
  • <RA-L7-RD> Regular expression can be represented using <.*> or <RA-.*>
  • RW-F1-1 regular expression can use RW-.*

If you're not familiar with regular expressions, you can directly enter the device name instead.Device Name 1|Device Name 2|Device Name 3|Device Name 4|success|Success

  • RW-1F-1|RW-2F-1|RW-3F-1|success|Success
  • <RA-L7-RD>|<RA-L6-RD>|<RA-L5-RD>|success|Success
  • <.*>|.*>|success|Success