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macOS VNC Requirement⚓︎

1 Screen sharing⚓︎

  • Configure the Screen sharing feature in macOS by navigating to System Preferences-Sharing and enabling the functionality.
  • The default port is 5900

2 RealVNC⚓︎

  • If you prefer not to use the built-in VNC, you can install the RealVNC Server separately.
  • Install the RealVNC Server successfully and release the ports in firewall.
  • Set Encryption to Prefer off in RealVNC Server-Options-Security.
  • Set Authentication to VNC password in RealVNC Server-Options-Security.
  • Click for saving and then input the password of VNC,the passwor is used for vnc connection.
  • The default port is 5900 , it can be queried in main page of Vnc server,the user name is null.


  • RealVNC does not support account of the system-provided authentication and can only access with a "vnc password.