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User Login⚓︎

1 Function Description⚓︎

  • JumpServer supports the secondary review functionaliyt of user login.
  • As per the security policy, the system can restrict user logins based on JumpServer login user attributes. When the secondary review action is set, the designated approver will review user login.

2 Create user login rule⚓︎

  • Click on Create button on Permission management-User login page,then fill the information of user login rule.


  • Detailed parameter descripton:
Parameter Description
Name Name of user login rule
Priority The priority of user login rules ranges from 1 to 100, with a smaller numerical value indicating higher priority for rule matching. The default priority is set at 50
User A."All users":All users' resource;
B."Designated user":Designated user's resource;
C."Attribute Filtering":Match target resource by attribute names to filter them based on attribute values
IP Group Restricted IP address for user login
Time Period Restriced time period for user login
Action The action taken when this user login rule is matched.
A."Deny":Deny user login;
B."Permit":Allow user login;
C."Approval":The designated approver will review and either allow or deny the login based on the configured settings