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Platform List⚓︎

1 Function description⚓︎

  • JumpServer supports user-defined platform.
  • The platform list is available for selection when creating assets. Users can choose different system types such as Linux, Windows, etc., for the assets during creation.
  • Users can also create a new platform type and select a specific basic platform. This allows them to specify the newly created platform when creating assets.


2 Create asset platform⚓︎

  • Click on Create buttong in page of platform list and then fill the platform information to create new platform, Using Linux as an example.

platform_list02 platform_list03

  • Detailed parameter description:
Parameter Description
Name Name of asset platform
Type The type of asset platform determines the encoding and automation method
Encoding The encoding method chosen for the asset platform can be "UTF-8" or "GBK"
Enable Domain whether enable Domain,Domain cannot be enabled in certain types of platforms, meaning that the platform type does not support domain activation
Protocol supported Configure the protocols supported by the asset platform. Each platform must have default protocols that cannot be deleted. The default port numbers for protocols can be modified
  • Description of account swtiching:
Enable/Disable Description
Enable account switching Enable account switching and set the switching method
Disable account switching Do not enable account switching functionality, some asset platforms do not support account switching, which means that the account switching feature is not supported for those platforms
  • Automation parameter explanation (Enabled): The automation tasks are enabled. Disabling them means that automation tasks are turned off.
Parameter Description
Ansible configuration Configuration of Ansible connection and related information.
Asset discovery method Configure the asset's connectivity detection method
Type of information gathering Setting of information gathering method
Type of account password changing Setting of account password changing
Type of account pushing Setting of account pushing
Type of account verification Setting of account verification
Type of account gathering Setting of account gathering

3 Customize the SFTP directory⚓︎

  • The default path for SFTP directories is /tmp ,We support customizing this directory.
  • Click on Create button in page of platform list,Click on the gear icon next to the selected protocol configuration.


  • You can customize and modify the SFTP home directory accordingly.