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Account pushing⚓︎

1 Function description⚓︎

  • JumpServer supports automating the process of pushing users' information to managed assets.

2 Create rules of account Pushing⚓︎

  • Click Create in Account pushing page,


  • Detailed parameter description:
Parameter Description
Name Task name of account pushing
Account name Account name that to be pushed
Asset Asset that need to push account
Node Node name that need to push account
Password Policy - Encryption Generation Policy The password policy of account pushed
A.Designated:The administrator need to inputs the password manually;
B.Random:JumpServer Generate password automatically
Password Policy-Cipher type The cipher type of account pushed
Password Policy-Password A.Set the encryption generation policy as designated, input password by administrator;
B.Set the encryption policy as random,update length of password by administrator
Scheduled execution Set the automatical task with scheduled and the time of execution

3 Execution list⚓︎

  • Click and switch to Account pushing-Execution list page sheet,This page primarily displays detailed information such as execution logs and task specifics for account-pushing scheduled tasks


  • The example execution log is as follows: