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Account list⚓︎

1 Function description⚓︎

  • JumpServer supports the management of accounts for assets

2 Function operation⚓︎

2.1 Check account information⚓︎

  • Click on the asset tree or type tree on the left side of the page to select a node or asset. This allows you to view the account information associated with the relevant asset (MFA verification of administrato is required by default).



  • To view detailed account information such as account passwords, user MFA verification is required.
  • JumpServer enhances security by requiring MFA verification for viewing passwords by default; If you wang to cancel the verification of MFA,you can add SECURITY_VIEW_AUTH_NEED_MFA=False in config file (default path: /opt/jumpserver/config/config.txt) and restart JumpServer service.

2.2 Account exporting and importing⚓︎

  • JumpServer supports batch import and export of account information. It allows the exporting of detailed information and passwords for all accounts associated with assets.