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Security recommendations⚓︎

1 Basic security requirments⚓︎

  • The minimum ports required to be opened for JumpServer are 80, 443, and 2222.
  • The operating system for JumpServer host should be upgraded to the latest version available.
  • The software dependencies of JumpServer should be upgraded to the latest versions available.
  • Please avoid using weak passwords for servers, databases, Redis, and other dependent components.
  • It is not recommended to disable Firewalld and SELinux.
  • Enable the necessary ports, and if required, access JumpServer through VPN or SSLVPN only.
  • If it is necessary to expose services to the public network,you should deploy a web application firewall for security filtering.
  • Please deploy the SSL certificate to enable access to JumpServer via HTTPS protocol.
  • JumpServer should enforce strong password rules and prohibit users from using weak password.
  • The JumpServer MFA authentication feature should be enabled to mitigate security issues resulting from password leakage.


  • If you encounter and secruity issue while using JumpServer, please feedback to us by

2 Secruity configuration recommendations⚓︎