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Enterprise edition⚓︎

1 The differents between JumpServer enterprise edition and open-source edition⚓︎

All core features of JumpServer are open-sourced, and we adhere to release monthly for new versions. It is free to use forever。

In comparison to the JumpServer open-source edition, the JumpServer enterprise edition provides an X-Pack enhancement package tailored for enterprise-level application scenarios, as well as high-level original enterprise-level support services. It also offers best practices for JumpServer operation and security, effectively assisting enterprises in quickly building and operating their own operation and maintenance security audit systems.

The X-Pack enhancement package includes additional features required by enterprise-level customers, such as custom logos on pages, multi-organization management, and support for managing Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. The specific features of the X-Pack enhancement package will continue to increase with each new release.

The functionality of the X-Pack enhancement package will continue to increase month by month with the iteration of JumpServer versions. Enterprise edition customers will be able to use the newly added features at no additional cost during the service period.

2 How to apply for the enterprise edition? What is the pricing model for the enterprise edition?⚓︎

Apply for JumpServer enterprise edition, please access:

We will contact you as soon as possible.