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System Architecture⚓︎

1 Jumpserver application architecture⚓︎

  • JumpServer adopts a layered architecture, which includes Load balance layer, Access layer, Core layer, Data access layer, and Data storage layer.
  • JumpServer applicaton architecture diagram is as following:


2 Components functional specifications:⚓︎

  • Core is the core component of Jumpserver,upon which other components rely for initialization and startup。
  • Koko is a component designed for Unix-like asset platforms,providing character-based connections via SSH and Telnet protocol.
  • Lion is a component designed for Windows asset platforms, providing Windows assets access service via Web terminal.
  • XRDP is a component designed for RDP protocol,Its primary function is to provide access to Windows 2000, XP, and similar systems via the JumpServer Client.
  • Razor is a componet designed for RDP protocol,The JumpServer Client defaults to using the Razor component to access Windows assets.
  • Magnus is a component designed for database, its used to access database assets via JumpServer client proxy.
  • Kael is a component designed for GPT asset platform, its used to manage ChatGPT assets.
  • Chen is a component designed for database,its used to access database via Wb GUI.
  • Celery is a component designed for handling asynchronous tasks, its used to execute JumpServer-related automation tasks.
  • Video is component for converting session recordings generated by the Razor and Lion components into MP4 format.

3 Logical Architechiture⚓︎

For further details please refer Source code deployment